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Amazing three acre private urban organic regenerative farm six minutes from downtown Santa Barbara, in a hidden valley. The farm aims to provide programs to improve personal medical health and well-being, is unusually biodiverse, and sells high quality and rare produce to top restaurants, chefs and food entrepreneurs.


Private Guided Tours: Two hours for you and your friends. Scroll to FAQ for more.
Self-Guided Tours: 60 minutes or a full day here. Those who are in need of a nature connection often experience awe, well-being, profound relaxation, by allowing their attention to be drawn towards a flower, a tree, a bird, rather than demanded by a device, to-do list or boss. Available by appointment to those who have done a Guided Tour.


Tucked away between a tiny city park and a secret horse ranch, and down a street that changes names in the unmarked middle, La Puma Farms was once an abandoned shade flower nursery. We now have 3 acres and 14 different rooms where we’re growing hundreds of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in a uniquely private setting with rare biodiversity.


The farm is a hidden 3 acre oasis of beauty and biodiversity 6 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara where the buzz of bees, the scent of lavender and citrus, and the vision of a calmer, more focused, more peaceful you can be realized. Enjoy forest bathing, picnicking, lavender and citrus aromatherapy garden wanders, and interactive, oak forest trail meditations.


We are developing a program for volunteers at the farm who want to connect with nature, contribute to the beauty of the farm, and help foster healthy soil. If you’re interested in this, please complete this volunteer form, and when we have a cadre of people whom we think will work well together, we will send out invitations to the farm.


Your brain needs more rest than you are giving it, and so does the rest of you. Time spent on the farm can lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve immunity, and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. The neurological effects of physical activity on a farm include a better working memory and concentration. Activities may include gamay noir vineyard walking and leaf pulling, identification and tasting of the most nutritionally dense produce, meditation, cornhole playing, avocado tree care and light pruning.

Private Programs and Farm Tours

Fun. Unique. Creative. Really Special.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who comes to the Farm?

    People looking for something special! Past guests have been small adventurer groups wanting a private oasis and special experience in the city; girls on a day out; alumni groups; convention visitors on a Santa Barbara field trip, multigenerational families celebrating an occasion, serious gardeners and foodies in search of new tastes and smells, and people looking for beauty and hidden old-world Santa Barbara.

    I'm a chef/caterer/food entrepreneur: how do I buy from you?

    Send us a query and we will send you a list of what’s available…

    What's included in the Guided Tour?

    Your private guided tour with farm designer and renowned board-certified internist Dr. John La Puma will be tailored to what you want to see and do. Typically, your tour begins at our Oak Tree Sofa and Classroom, from which our healthy soil initiatives, with two compost generators and thousands of Red Wiggler worms are on display. You’ll see our Apiary and Insectary Meadow, our engines of fertility and crop protection; stroll the Interactive Meditation Forest Trail with Szechuan peppercorn trees, elderberries, easels and gongs; and brush past fragrant chocolate mint geraniums on the way to our Olive Allee, Allspice Tree Grove and Passion Fruit Tunnel. We’ll taste test what’s in season along the way and then head up to the Gamay Noir Vineyard and Cider Orchard View Deck for mountain vistas and the lay of the land. We’ll check out avocados and the rare citrus grove, raspberry and blackberry bushes in season, and wind up at the Oak Tree Sofa again.

    Tours are about two hours long, require a minimum of six guests. Group rates for up to 22 guests are up to 20% lower. You will receive a gift bag with seasonal produce and will have the opportunity to purchase what’s in season, from plumeria cuttings to whole loofahs to estate honey to our famous pink lemons, caviar limes and Buddha’s hands.

    What's included in Wellness Retreats?

    The Wellness Retreat private program is engineered by board-certified internist and farm designer Dr. John La Puma to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit through a blend of physical activity, mindfulness practices, and nature immersion utilizing the unique environment of our working regenerative certified organic urban farm. It can be done in an hour or in four hours, and includes a gift bag of seasonal produce.

    Topics include

    Reawaken Your Body’s Innate Strength: balance, agility, strength and stamina guided routes, meditation sessions, and a sit spot. 

    Embrace the Bounty of Nature:  experience and identify the most-anti-inflammatory produce, harvest when in season, and savor the sweet flavors of nature’s bounty. 

    The Science Behind Wellness: explore your own wellness habits, including culinary, fitness and nature-based ones, with a personal conversation with Dr. La Puma. 

    What's included in the Mental Re-Set and Nature Immersion Program?

    Farm Stays allow a mental re-set and nature immersion.

    The farm is a perfect place for couples and small groups to explore a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Let the rustling avocado leaves and the soothing hum of pollinators guide you towards a deeper sense of peace and tranquility.

    While HipCamp handles farm stays for couples and families, large groups can book through Giggster.  Scientific studies have demonstrated that exposure to nature can help prevent and treat a range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, autism, and other neurological disorders.  Inquire below or through Giggster.

    What should I wear on the Farm?

    Dress in casual clothes that make you feel like you’re on vacation. Wear comfortable closed-toe flat shoes that can get dusty and protect you. Sunblock advised.

    Can you accommodate larger parties?

    Programs require a minimum of two people, and guided tours require a minimum of six.  Up to 50 people can be accommodated; larger events, meetings and conferences book online through Giggster.

    What About Parking?

    On site private parking for about 8 cars; shuttles, trucks and motorhomes can be easily accommodated.

    What About Produce and Pickup?

    All produce pick up and access to the property is by appointment only.

    Anything else to know?

    A few things not permitted on the Farm

    • Firearms and weapons are not permitted.
    • Smoking anything is not allowed anywhere.
    • Pets are loved but not on tours.

    Dr. La Puma is the farm designer, a board-certified internist and a professionally trained chef. A two-time New York Times best selling author on longevity and nutrition, he is credited with pioneering Culinary Medicine, now taught in 70% of U.S. medical schools. La Puma Farms' wellness retreats, guided tours and mental health curricula are designed to help visitors, viewers and readers heal, and they benefit from the careful, conscientious growing of plants and animals on the Farm.