La Puma Farms


Organic & Regenerative

A Shangri-La for Food

La Puma Farms is a three acre certified organic urban working farm which produces a highly diverse set of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, herbs and edible flowers using permacultural, organic and regenerative agricultural techniques. It’s been called “A Shangri-La for Food”, after the mystical valley of longevity. It is a passion project whose goals are education, beauty and produce of unsurpassed quality.


Hidden in a small rural valley between 220 and 305 foot elevation in Santa Barbara, California. Southwest facing and located a mile from the Pacific Ocean. It is designed to take advantage of an up to 30 degree slope, several previously created large terraces and 12,000 year old sand dune terroir.


One of the few locations in the world with transverse mountain ranges, Santa Barbara is blessed with a true Mediterranean climate. The microclimates on the ranch are varied, however, and include tropical, temperate and dry. Temperatures dip to 30 degrees F in some rooms and remain above 50 degrees F in others.


Did we mention it's sandy? However, the soil is pH neutral (between 7.2 and 7.4 four feet down), and areas of the property are slowly increasing in nitrogen content and fertility, as amendments with compost, biochar and mulch are added annually. There are also a few rocks.

USDA Organic

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